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Competitors Information

Entry Procedures

There is Event Entry paperwork to be completed prior to the start of any Series/event.

Initially, we provide;

  • A Series Entry Form to be completed by all teams & drivers

  • Individual round entry forms will be sent out prior to each round via email, and will also be available below. Also below are round regulations, NASSA (National Australian Sports Sedan Association) Membership form and any other relevant downloads.

2024 Motorsport Australia  Group 3D - Sports Sedans regulations

2024 National Sports Sedan Series Sporting & Technical Regulations 

 2022 Sporting & Technical Regulations updated

 2022 Series Registration Entry Form

 NASSA membership invoice

 NASSA member information

 2022 Sporting &Technical Regulations


Other Downloads

NASSA Membership Form

Technical Information

What is a Sports Sedan ?
A Sports Sedan is simply Australia's fastest saloon racing car.

2019 Sporting & Technical Regulations
Group 3D - Sports Sedans Technical Regulations

A sports sedan is mostly derived from a mass-produced car where more than 5000 examples of the model have been built in one year. Naturally, each Sports Sedan must be fitted with a roll cage and include all other safety features and an engine size restricted to 6 litres capacity.

These 'wild and winged' Sports Sedans are motor racing's most modified machines. Under most generously broad rules, constructors can build wild and wonderful works of mechanical art that originated from the family car.

The Sports Sedans category is one where freedom of expression is regarded as a legitimate means to an end - and that end is performance, and lots of it.

"Thundering 700+ horsepower V8's, whispering turbo's and wailing rotaries"

The typical sports sedan might consist of:

  • A 700+ Hp Chevrolet V8 fuel injected engine.

  • A space frame chassis with independent suspension.

  • A body shell of bolt on composite material panels.

  • Large rear wings to generate enormous downforce.

  • A six speed transmission that can be a sequential shift.

  • State of the art engine management and data acquisition systems.

  • A total package typically weighing about 1000kg that can be propelled to speeds of over 300 kph.

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